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The world's leading decentralised P2P trading platform

Built on BSC to provide an efficient, safe and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts. Migrating to Polkadot.

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GameStar Exchange is a revolutionary trading platform that allows peer to peer traders to directly connect their wallet to participate in the market. All transactions are hosted in a smart contract. The user manages their own private keys to maintain control of their assets and to avoid the security risk of centralised management.

Encrypted Chat: GameStar Exchange uses a chat encryption protocol, based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048 encryption and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange protocol. At the same time, GameStar Exchange signs all chat messages with an on-chain private key in order to timestamp messages and ensure that the information exchanged is not tampered with by anyone.

Supports Multi-Chain Transactions: Based on BSC, the platform supports BTC/ETH/BSC cross-chain transactions. Users can quickly realise asset conversion on-chain while avoiding high transaction fees.

Token Ecosystem Incentives: GMS token is used for platform incentives and community development. Tokens are utilised to encourage fraud resistance, platform mining, transaction rewards, referral rewards, as well as incentives for the development and launch of community projects.

Taurus Protocol: The community will vote to select decentralised experts on dispute arbitration. When a dispute arises, a certain number of nodes are randomly allocated to review transactions on the chain, and a consensus judgment is formed according to a consensus mechanism. Nodes need to pledge tokens when judging each dispute then rewards or fines are given to nodes based on a review of the results of each transaction. This mechanism will ensure an honest and fair operation plus effectively solve the problem of asset loss caused by centralised customer service audits and audit errors in traditional P2P platforms.

  • Game Item Market

    Game Item

    Game items, currency and CD keys are in high demand within the global gaming market. The site offers peer-to-peer game items, game currency and CD keys for sale using a decentralised crypto wallet.

    • Global trading knows no borders
    • The price is transparent and fair
    • Efficient asset flow
  • NFT and Metaverse Game Item Market

    GameStar Exchange offers a gamer focused NFT P2P trading market. Artists or game developers can publish auction information for collections and collectors can advertise needs and sell corresponding work. All creations and transactions of artists and collectors on the platform will be rewarded with mining incentives.

    • Two-way trading
    • Global decentralised market
    • Asset safety is guaranteed
    NFT Art Market
  • Gift Card Market

    Gift Card

    Offers peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and gift card transactions for global users. Custody is decentralised on users' personal wallets, optimised for fast trading, with a fair adjudication process for disputed trades.

    • Transactions are simple and fast
    • Moderators are rewarded for correct decisions and penalised for wrong ones
    • Safe and no fraud
    • Appeals are fair and efficient
    • Low transaction fees

Team & Advisors

  • Founder

    Joshua Vizer


  • CMO

    Dev Sharma


  • CCO

    Justin Da Costa


  • COO

    Emmanuel Martin


  • Marketing VP

    Vrinda Tekchandani

    Marketing VP

  • Technical Advisor

    Kiril Ivanov

    Technical Advisor

  • Advisor

    Francis Dhun


  • Advisor

    Matthew Kay


  • Advisor

    Robinson Xie



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